Maybe this time it will stick

If you are anything like me, you’ve “decided to get healthy” more that a few times in your life.  I’m not entirely sure what provokes it for me.  It could be any number of triggers:

  • summer is coming
  • I’m thinking about dating
  • I get out of breath tying my shoes
  • I see a picture of me, or even better, some hot chic I wish I looked like!
  • Moved by a great sermon at church
  • Attended a motivating personal development seminar

I get all inspired, which leads to

  • “I’m going to do it this time!”
  • “I’m really gonna hit it hard in the gym and make all my meals for the week on Sunday”
  • “I will get up early to be with God”
  • “I will do yoga and meditate before bed”

…and a few days in…I’m over it.  Why?!  What causes me to shrug my shoulders and decide never mind?

All I can think of is that I try to do each of those things to the extreme.  Of course, I don’t look for small changes that I can make to improve my balance in each area.  I am either eye brows on fire, running crazy, or dead on the couch.

There has to be a better way to handle “balancing” my life.

So as I embark on this journey, I have a broad plan to get to balance (hoping broad will help me maintain momentum vs. shrug off my attempts).  By no means is the below set in stone, but this is a general layout of my plan:

1. Spiritual: Spend time with God through study and bible journaling

  • I actually really like #biblejournaling and find that I do remember a verse or topic so much better when I have spent the time to plan out a creative representation of what I learned
  • Oh how cool would it be if I actually got up early, enjoyed some coffee, study, reflection, and spent the time to journal!  Well that is something to strive for. 🙂

2. Emotional: 1 & 3 should play a role here.  Interestingly, 1, 3, and 4 will all be better if 2 is on track.  Seeee….balance!

3. Physical: Eat better, sleep more, actually get in the gym, attend PT like I should (that’s a post for another day)

  • Step 1- done!  Renewed my Beachbody Coach account today and ordered my yummy Shakeology Barista pack!

4. Social: Get the heck out of my shell!

  • This is a big task for me.  I am not a shy person IF I know you, but if I don’t I would rather blend in with the wallpaper than strike up a conversation with a stranger.
  • Part II of this is this actual blog.  Putting myself out there.  Being vulnerable and learning about myself and maybe from others as well.

So there it is, my plan of attack.  Hopefully you will join me, help keep me accountable, and have some fun and laughs along the way.


You can…if you want to.





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