And progress is underway!

Shakeology arrived on Saturday and, my Dietbet ended on Sunday šŸ˜•

If you’re not familiar with Dietbet it’s a new way to challenge yourself to lose weight. You can check it out here. Essentially you “bet” a fixed dollar amount that you will lose some % of weight (all details included in whichever game you choose) and then you work to lose the weight in the specificed time frame. If you do, you win!  If you don’t, you may still be #winning šŸ™‚

Of course I’m being silly, but in truth if you don’t hit your goal weight by game end, but do lose some weight…haven’t you won?  The whole point is to get healthier so if this challenge motivates you then DO IT!

Now back to my, what seems to be, a semi-fail. As it stands right now I’ve lost 3.8% in the past 4 weeks, but in order to win I need to lose 4%.  I have just under 15 hours to submit my final weight…with pictures  (ugh).

I was doing really good and had been within a pound of my goal weight for the last week”ish” so of course I got cocky and figured I’d make weight no problem. Now I’m staring mega H2O intake, cardio, and the sauna in the face trying to shed this last little bit.

It’s not so much that this remaining 0.20% of weight will miraculously change my physique, but damn it, I LIKE TO WIN. It’s not even about the $$…I’m just really competitive.

Should these 15 hours pass and I don’t make weight, “I’m goin again baby!” (Props to you if you know the movie quote).  Clearly this process is motivating for me.

Now that my Shakeology is in hand I’ve been tenacious about curbing eating. I mean just look at how yummy this is!

Ok- time to get my butt in the gym and shed this last bit!
You can…if you want to


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