Whole30, Day 1. Sugar Dragon, Prepare to be Slayed!!

51w4zhsnzvl-_ac_us160_…You can undo everything you did in the gym, in the kitchen…

This last month has been emotional hell, which means I’ve been distracted spiritually and slowly poisoning myself with lots of horrible, processed food choices.  Knowing those choices only make my situation worse didn’t really stop me.  It’s like when I’m depressed I do two things: shop and eat.

On the topic of shopping, I was on Amazon recently and looking for a new book to listen to on the way to work.  As I have mentioned in other posts I always lean towards self-improvement options, which was when I came across It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.

I have always had an interest in nutrition, even though I don’t always eat like I know I should, so when I came across this book it sounded interesting.  A friend at work had recently talked about the Whole30, so I thought I would check it out.

WOW- I had NO idea.  This book opened my eyes to HOW FOOD ACTUALLY AFFECTS YOUR BODY.  Sure, I know fast food is bad for you, etc., etc.  But what I did not understand was exactly how that food was acting in my body.  The overstimulation of insulin, the chemicals that can not be processed, the excess “stuff” that gets stored in your body.  Truly this book was changed the way I look at food.

SO…with that lovely intro…I begin the Whole30 TODAY!  So far so good. I went shopping with my friend yesterday and picked up some whole food items.  I did try to plan a menu, but honestly that was overwhelming.  So I am going to stick to simple stuff.


Breakfast was a lemon Larabar.  Yes!  Some of these are compliant on the Whole30.  While I know this should not be a go to, but a “hangry helper”, it was a rough morning and this was a better choice than the Smoothie King that was calling me.

Lunch/snack was a much better, whole food option.  breakfast-day-1

I sliced up 3 small potatoes and sautéed in a pan with olive oil.  Once sufficiently crispy, I added 3 cage free eggs and mixed it all up.  I did salt and pepper to taste and it was awesome!  NO sugar rush or crash!  I also had some coffee with a little Coconut milk added (no sugar added).  I’m working  my way to black coffee, so this was a nice help.  Just took away a little of the bitter taste.

Dinner is still TBD, but I am thinking something with sweet potatoes.  Oh how I love that potatoes are compliant on the Whole30!  I have never met a potato I did not like. 🙂

Also, what you see there is my MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas) creative planner/notebook/journal.  I absolutely love having a written account of the gym, or food, or whatever to be able and go back and review it.  I guess it makes me feel like I accomplished something.  I still have my notebook from when I was bodybuilding, and I do look at it sometimes and reminisce.

So, time for a snack.  I think I will make some Monkey Salad.

monkeysalad2-copy (source)

Looks yummy right?!  How hard can this be??  Any bets on how long I will last? 😀  

See you on Day 2!

You can…if you want to

Gymgirl.org 🙂




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