Whole30, Day 3. I Think the Picture Sums It Up Nicely.

I didn’t think this was that bad.  I was doing good, really.  Felt like I had things under control.  WRONG.  All day today…I just WANT TO EAT.  And no, thank you, I don’t want chicken and broccoli.  I want the dang cake that has now been in my office two different times over the last two days.  And Chicago Mix popcorn.  Did you hear that? CHICAGO MIX POPCORN.  Standing on the ledge here friends.

At work I’m distracted (as long as I don’t leave my office).  I had some grapes and almonds for breakfast on the way in, and then for lunch it was leftover breakfast from last night’s dinner.  All good until the cravings began and I just wanted everything.  Someone mentioned my candy dish (which is not currently on my desk) was low.  So I thought I would be nice and refill it.  Ha!  You know in the movies when an actor picks up something he really wants but thinks he can avoid…and things get all loopy and fuzzy?  Yea…that feeling.  I promptly put that damn jar down!

Had part of an Rx Bar just to try and deal, and on the way out of work I had the rest- because it was there.  Food relationship issue #1.

Then of course, I’m home and actually hungry now.  If I haven’t said it already, I hate cooking. To be more specific, I hate cooking when I have to answer the nagging question “what’s for dinner?”.  Even worse, I’m the only one in the house.  So now I am officially annoying myself.

For the last couple of weeks I have ordered the vegetarian box from HelloFresh (click the link for a sweet deal, $40 off!). I’m definitely already spoiled because I thought cooking was fun then…and today it feels like a chore. I really just want to order some pizza and sit on the couch.

Thankfully my determination is still strong…a mere 72 hours in that is. I still have 648 hours to go- not thrilled I just figured that out. But thankfully God created sleep, so it’s really only 408 hours.  Ahh, I love rationalization. (nobody check my math, its been a long day).

I have a fridge full of whole foods but no one to cook them for me.  With ingredients but no ideas I turned to Pinterest.  I finally came across a recipe that looked pretty darn good, Eggplant Beef Casserole.  Woohoo!  Now I feel reenergized to get in there and make something good for me, and tasty!

Eggplant Beef Casserole

Looks good right?!  Well looking good was about all it was.  I realized I didn’t have anymore eggs until the last few minutes when I needed to add them.  So I’ve now been waiting for dinner for 2 hours…oh and I also don’t have almond milk.  Whatever, the hell with it, I was sure it would be fine  (given how hungry I was).  I did eat it, but I wouldn’t make it again without CHEESE!  Just trying to give you fair warning. 🙂 Then, after 14 times in the fridge to see if anything had changed, I decided to have some strawberries and a lemon Larabar.  Those did help some.

My friend that was on this train with me derailed into some Chinese tonight.  I get it, totally get it; don’t blame her.  I’m hoping I can at least hold out a little longer.  I’m going to try taking it one meal at a time and try to get through to day 7!  I am hoping and praying then I will be in the zone.

Until then, I think I should stop trying to get fancy and just stick with what I know and love.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have an update for you that might make you actually want to try the Whole30.  ugh.

You can…if you want to (I’d like to smack myself for saying this right now)

Gymgirl.org 🙂


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