Whole30, day 4. How Many More Days?!?


I had to brew some seriously strong coffee to get moving this morning.  Seems like I’m a day behind on feeling the effects.  To add to my annoyance, my diabetic dog’s glucose was off so he woke me way too early.  I’m sure the trip back to bed for only an hour made my morning worse.

After last night’s dinner debacle, I thought I would stick with something simple for breakfast.  I whipped up a little dish I’ll call Sweet Potato Hash.  Basically sweet potatoes and walnuts sautéed in ghee, melted in 1 tbsp almond butter, and once plated I topped it with blueberries.  It was yummy and filling, so it will go in the rotation.  Mind you, I’m making this while staring at Zebra cakes and Chocolate Muffins I am trying to convince my son to take to school.

Sweet Potato Hash with Blueberries- yes I do own more than one bowl

I had it for lunch too, which did make me a little sick of it, but it’s filling and that’s helpful.  I am still finding that I’m not staying full enough to only be able to eat three meals a day, so I did force myself to eat more at lunch.  Didn’t feel great at the time, but I did notice that there was no mid afternoon slump.  In fact, I have not had a mid-day slump since I began the Whole30.  1 point for the Whole30! :O)  Also, I notice I did stayed full until about 5:00, at which point I had a Blueberry Rx Bar on the way home…yum!

Of course I had the same dreaded feeling of what to make for dinner .  I was tired and annoyed so the last thing I wanted to do was stop for more eggs (if you remember from last night, I’m out) but idea of making anything else seemed worse.


Can I just say, that bacon may be my saving grace!  I usually eat microwave bacon, but given that is more processed and not Whole30 compliant, I had to use the real deal.  BUT, did you know you can BAKE BACON??  My life is forever changed!  How does this magic work you ask?

Heat the oven to 400 degrees, line a cookie sheet with tinfoil, slap the bacon on there, and bake it for 20 minutes.  Now if you like crispy bacon, like I do, then leave it in there a little longer and this is what you will have…awesome, lovely, saving my life, crispy bacon!!

Hello little sticks of life saving goodness!

Of course I added skillet potatoes to my dinner, sliced thin (credit to the food processor) and once again with some ghee, after which I scrambled some eggs in the same pan.  For a day that really began horribly and only continued to slog from there, it sure did end a lot better!

Voila, dinner!  Dare I say I didn’t even miss the cheese? (gasp!)

Yes, I did eat the whole bowl, don’t judge

Now several hours later I am still satisfied and actually, not craving anything, except sleep.  In the meantime, I need to keep one thing in mind:


Tomorrow…day 5…please Lord give me strength!

You can…if you want to (I’d like to slap myself for this little mantra)

See you tomorrow if I can get out of bed.

Gymgirl.org 🙂


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