Whole30, Day 5. Oh Yea, I’m on the Edge.

It is currently 12:23 am, technically on day 6.  Earlier today I was thinking yeah awesome, I’m on day 5…doing good!  Then I realized I’M ONLY ON DAY 5. F**K.  I am not giving up, but it is an appealing thought.snapchat-4020926812661537825

I was sitting in the rain earlier at my son’s football game and at halftime I went to the concession stand for a bottle of water to go with my almonds.  As I’m standing there I was going over the menu thinking there has to be something I can have.  It was a pipe dream.

But wouldn’t you know the lady started to hand me a pretzel with cheese by mistake! help  I had to run like I was about to relapse into an addiction!!  Don’t these people know I’m fragile?!?


You, my dear friends, are the glue holding me together at this point.  As my accountability partners you’re keeping me from the Taco Bell drive through.

After the game I ordered a California Chicken salad from O’Charlies.  Now let me just say, this is my favorite salad ever!  Just to indulge my senses here for a moment I will describe it for you:

giphyMichelle’s version: a Romaine blend, Fried chicken (my “selective vegetarianism” at play), candied pecans, shredded cheese, dried cranberries, fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, and a lovely ,sweet, tangy vinaigrette…and a couple rolls with butter!


The Whole30 Version: a Romaine blend, grilled chicken (not happy), fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, olive oil and vinegar.  How I feel about this:

Me Today 😦


The only upside was I didn’t have to cook!  Even though it was a clean version, it was still pretty good I’ll admit.  I did add some raw pecans and grapes too.  Looks good right?


Now tomorrow, guess what I’m having?  Eggs and potatoes…pretty much all day.  Supplies are now once again stocked!


Ok, that’s it, I’m tapped.  Once again, I have to ask for the Lord to give me strength!  I really want to see what this is all about when the Whole30 is complete- and well being competitive, I want to be able to say I achieved this goal.  I just pray it gets a little easier with each passing day.

Making it personal this time – I can…if I want to.

Gymgirl.org 🙂



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