Whole 30, days 6 & 7. Yes, I was too lazy to post yesterday.

I could probably sum up these two days without any words…thank you Alley Sheedy.


That looks she gives that the very end, hahaha priceless.  I know exactly what she’s thinking “Mofo, I’m exhausted.  Don’t piss me off.”

These last two days have been about getting by.  Food has been BORING, even my beloved potatoes are getting old; tragic given this is only the end of the first week.  Not to mention anyone that knows me, knows I am passionate about potatoes!  The good news is my math from Day 1 was off.  Looks like I should have calculated more sleep than originally intended.

Saturday morning was a rude awakening.  I kept trying to tell the dogs to go back to sleep, but they would not stop licking me.200_s  I was up exactly 11 minutes to feed them and then right back to bed.  I could not keep my eyes open!  Worked out since my food options were less than stellar…and since I still have those damned chocolate muffins in my possession!  Good God, why haven’t they molded already!! (ahem, rhetorical)

When I did finally get up around 12:30, I shuffled around the house, had my typical eggs and potatoes and watched the rest of the FX show Married.  I tried to get into this show a little while ago, but couldn’t for some reason.  This weekend, I sped through both seasons.  Gotta love HULU.  Of course as with most shows I figure out I love, the dang network cancels them after two seasons.

Anyway, Saturday night I helped a friend babysit and “dontchaknow” their parents ordered Papa Johns?!  I even cut one of the little darlings a piece, so I had to smell it up close and personal!  Then I thought I myself, nah I will just go enjoy my Rx Bar.  Ok no, that is not what I thought.

The rest of the night consisted of dried banana chips and almonds.  My friend was sweet enough to lie to me and tell me the banana chips were actually good. anigif_enhanced-buzz-16056-1385426875-30 I think she knew better than to tell me they tasted like paste.  She’s a ride or die bitch!





Once home I hit the bed hard and today looked a lot like yesterday, the only problem of course being that my dogs, sweet as they are, still can not feed themselves.  Don’t they know…200w

I did try yelling this but all I did was annoy myself.

Here was the best part of the weekend.  I DID NOT CHEAT!!!!  I went to lunch with my son today and the appetizer he ordered is one of most my favs eva!  He kept trying to talk me into one bite, and I almost went for it, and then at the last minute I stopped myself.screenshot_20160917-205947

I want to see this through!  No, you guys would not know if I cheated, but I would.  Hard as it was not to partake in that glorious pool of melted brie, I felt so much better that I resisted.  Not claiming there will not be a mishap between now and these next 3 weeks, but for now I’m straight!

Alright, another day, another potato.  See ya’ll on the flip side of day 8!

…I’m not even gonna say it…

Gymgirl.org 🙂


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