Whole30, day 8. I Might Survive After-all.

I’m definitely a little stupefied.  Day 8 has gone fairly well- almost like an attitude of “eh, this is how I eat now”.  I realize of course that is probably premature given I’m only 1/4 of the way home, but this day is better than days 3-7 put together for sure.

I came across this meme earlier and  was surprised how well it fit me today.  downloadI find it interesting how accurate the Whole30 timeline seems to be; which is silly.  It’s not like I’m the only person on the planet that has ever worked their way through the Whole30.

So anyway I found out there is a Whole30 Timeline of what to expect.  It was interesting to go back and read days from the past week to see how they fit.  Then my eyes glanced to days 10-11 and quickly I heard my brain say abort! abort!, I had to immediately get out of that tab.

j0afroNot sure about you, but if I read the timeline and it tells me what to expect on upcoming days, there is a strong likelihood I will be unconsciously influenced by that, and then when that future day arrives I will think it was what I read that has caused me to feel the way I do vs. the fact I might feel that way because I actually feel that way.  There ya go, just a little bit of my crazy for you tonight.

Here is what else I will say about day 8…I am definitely noticing changes in how my clothes fit.  A dress I wore last week, which fit (and depending on who you ask might say it was a little tight), but today I actually felt like it  was too big in some areas.  While that was a tiny bit annoying since I just bought it like 2 weeks ago, it was also awesome!

Per the Whole30 suggested guidelines, I have not gotten on the scale since I began, but I really want to!  I did a “before” weigh so I will be able to do a comparison for ya though.  The reason the Whole30 program suggests you not weigh yourself for the 30 days is because this is not a weight loss program.  This is about teaching you and your palate how to eat whole foods again and actually enjoy them as they are, without cheese and added sugar.  Of course if you do lose weight, that’s just gravy (mmmm, gravy).

I get a lot of funny looks when people ask why I am eating eggs when we’ve had Chick-fil-A catered in at work.  modernfamilyI try to explain it top line (because let’s be for real, I’m no expert) and they never get why you can’t have grains legumes, and dairy as those are supposed to be “healthy”.  I explain the reintroduction phase of those food groups and still get crazy stares.  So I just smile and enjoy my eggs.

Speaking of food, today was not the most stellar day.  Even still  I had an ok day- Not sad about that!

Breakfast was eggs, but lunch was a French Country Salad.  I will not be eating that again.  While it might look healthy, and it was, it was devoid of any taste.


I picked through it and ate about half the tuna (YUK!!!) and some of the surrounding stuff.  I finally gave in and went to my trusty bag of dried banana chips and almonds.  Still a bland choice, but bursting with flavor by comparison! 😀  Still noticing no 2 pm slump- not enough energy to go on a hike, but I keep a steady pace.


Dinner was a little more interesting.  I made spaghetti with Zoodles.  This was my first time trying Zoodles and I gotta say…EEhhh.  Maybe I need to do some more research because I love zucchini.  However I guess my brain was expecting something kind of like pasta, but nope.

I will say when I added the organic lean ground beef and this awesome pasta sauce, it really was pretty good and definitely filling!sauce

My openness to new food ideas has been expanding, but unfortunately the next four days are going to be a challenge.  I have a Sales meeting all week, which means food will be overly abundant, but not Whole30 compliant.  Looks like I better stock my bag.

Ok off to dreamland with the help of some lavender and frankincense (my magical sleep mix) essential oils.

Night!  Oh, and I’m killing the damn tag line.  It’s like a baby name you have picked out and then you say it so much before the baby even gets here that it begins to annoy you!  True story bro.

Gymgirl.org 🙂

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