Whole30, day 9. Delirious or Beautiful Minding It?

For those of you that are reading and following my journey, thank you!!!  You really are playing a role in helping me remain accountable.  If I did not have you to report into who knows the shenanigans I would be into! heart

Ahhh….Day 9
At this point in the game, food is becoming a little different for me.  Not to say I’ve got this all figured out, but I’ve been keeping notes on how I feel after I eat and the one major thing I notice is the lack of lethargy.


I am also noticing that when I have a sugar craving, like I did today when they served Tiramisu at the meeting, that I find myself tasting it mentally and then almost simultaneously thinking to myself that it’s not worth the crash later.


Hey if I’m delusional, don’t wake me up!  I mean if I have actually gotten to the point, on day 9, that I have a new relationship with food, then woohoo!!!

Here are some examples of why I think there might be some merit to this program.  I eat eggs for breakfast and don’t freak out (anymore) about not being able to add cheese.  The lunch offering at the meeting was a pitiful sight for a clean eater such as my self,  36028-ace-ventura-eye-roll-gif  🙂 but I did manage to have a chicken breast and some veggies, actually enjoyed their natural flavor, and did.not.touch.the.dessert.  I made it to Target around 4:00, was hungry by this point, but I waited till I was through to savor a Cashew Cooke Larabar vs. noshing on whatever.  PS- Have you tried the Cashew Cookie Larabar?!? OMG…GOOOODDD!!!  For dinner I had mashed cauliflower with cashews.  Sounds weird but it was decent.

Here is the even better news! My son was having chicken and potatoes (frozen) and I gave half a thought to having some.  Then he added cheese and I was like “oh well”.  OH WELL?!?  Who the hell have I become that CHEESE glorious CHEESE is no longer (or at least not currently) holding a special place of value in my heart???  It’s madness #SMH

So all in all, a great day 9, with the exception of the sound of silence in my head.  I usually experience this when I am out at a bar and head to the bathroom and can actually hear myself think.  Ok, this is also when I notice I may have had one too many.  Anyway, it’s that sound when there is no sound, but you can hear it.  Like a fluorescent lightbulb hum but really, really low.  You know you know what I mean!

Days 8-9 were supposed to be about bloating, but so far so good and fingers crossed.  No idea what 10-11 hold because I refuse to look!  Some may call that stubborn; I call that being present today.  There is enough to handle without fretting over what tomorrow holds.

Here are the final reasons I think I might be getting a grip on things.  First, I forgot which day in the count this was believe it or not.  Second, and a much cooler reason, I’m in a new role at work and this week’s meeting brings in everyone from the field, which means when we are all together I know like 5% of the people.  This is a major stressor for me.  Some that know me might think this is odd, but this meme is totally accurate!


In the past, like 9 days ago haha, if this feeling were to emerge I would feed it with food; typically the chocolatey kind.  zu3m5ebjsxzsThere was a Starbucks on site today, and would have been the perfect time for me to soothe with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I didn’t!  Huge progress!

I think I actually just acknowledged why I was feeling awkward, gave a nod to it, and moved on.  WHOA…who knew that would work! 🙂

So I’m charging head on into Day 10.  All I can say is that I hope I continue to learn about me, my body, and my mind through these remaining three weeks.

Oh, one last thing.  Totally irrelevant, but I came across this earlier and about spit out my water.  I might resemble this remark:


See ya tomorrow!

Gymgirl.org 🙂




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