Whole30, day 10. It’s Fine. I’m Fine. It’s All Fine.

Ok why isn’t this harder?  I feel like maybe I’m doing something wrong.  According to the Whole30 timeline, which I just now read, this should be one of the hardest days.  So hard in fact that I guess many people quit at this point.

The reason for quitting seems to be that the newness of the program has worn off and all people really see is what they can’t have vs. what they can.  I’m not having this issue.  In fact, at the meeting this morning, breakfast was French Toast; seriously, one of my favorite breakfast foods (I’m noticing how many favorite foods I have!).  I did not even care.xdrauuj

Like even when I imagine the taste of the french toast it’s the butter that makes me say MMMM more than anything else.  It’s funny really- when my daughter and I go out to eat and there is a bread basket, I will only have some if there is butter.  She would just eat the bread, no butter required.  Seems like a waste to me lol!

So maybe I don’t feel deprived?!  When I think about what I can’t have, I’ve been able to replace most of that with a healthier version.  Like I had Zoodles the other night instead of pasta, and while it wasn’t the real thing, I didn’t need it to soothe me emotionally, just satisfy my hunger.

To be fair, I’m not going through any major emotional issues at the moment; I guess that scenario might really be the test.  Well, I have about 2.5 weeks left to go, so anything is possible! 🙂

Onto today’s food.  Lunch was similar as the other two days, so I won’t bore you.  BUT dinner was a fun adventure.  I was about out of ghee, and I CAN NOT have that, so I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home.  As I was perusing I came across this:


The ingredients were simply “Organic Butternut Squash”.  YAY something easy and won’t take me an hour to prepare.  While I was there I picked up some spinach and Peppadew peppers.  Thought I would sauté it all together in a little ghee.  Then I had a great idea!  Recreate peanut noodles, but I call them Almond Butternut Spirals.  Looks like Whole Foods has a new customer. 🙂

I threw the butternut spirals in the pan with some ghee and cut up the peppadew peppers while I was waiting.  After about 4 minutes I added the peppers and some spinach.  I let that simmer a bit, then added some coconut milk, and almond butter.  Ok, um, YUUMM!!!  Another new favorite!  The peppers gave the dish a sweet yet spicy flare, but the almond butter helped to calm it.

One thing I would do different is sauté the peppers and spinach together, then add the almond butter, then the “noodles” along with some coconut milk.  The way I did it the spirals were a little too done.

Almond Butternut Spirals

For me, I think the key has been not prepping full meals.  I tried that the first couple of days and honestly the pressure was more than I wanted to deal with.  Instead, I think having foods on hand that are compliant, and that I know I love, makes it easier for me to try some new ideas.

Sure, they have not all worked out (like the Eggplant Beef Casserole, yuk!) but the ones that have are definitely making this process easier.

10 days down, 20 to go.  I am certain I will have at least a few rant days between now and then.  So you’ll get to see a little more of my crazy.

Till then, ciao!

Gymgirl.org 🙂

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