Whole 30, Day 11. mmmm…Donuts!!

No, I didn’t eat any donuts, but dang I really wanted to today.  It was like I could taste it just by thinking about it.  A wonderfully fresh cake donut with chocolate icing, warm and creamy.  UGH, sounded so good.

It wasn’t really a sugar craving, but more about seeing them a couple times today so they were kind of in my brain.  But it was different than a sugar craving- which for me is like a “have to have it” feeling.  This was tasting it mentally, enjoying it, and being over it.  It was weird and kind of liberating all at the same time.

I do think about when this is over, just 19 short days from now.  How will I proceed?  Will I stay with this theme or go back to old habits.  For one I can tell you that I have not had ANY digestive issues in the last 11 days, whereas heart burn, indigestions, and IBS (sorry, TMI) were a problem for me.  This is such a nice change!  To feel kind of normal.

After my figure contest I thought I would stay the size I was on stage.  I was not realistic in my thinking of course, but it seemed like it would be easy.  In fact I went through my clothes and donated the ones that were too big.  Obviously that was a mistake, but I had not ever been that size so I didn’t realize how quickly I could lose control again.

I feel blessed to have had that experience, because I now know how easily any changes I’m seeing can disappear and old habits can creep back in.  I noticed today that my face seems thinner, like in my cheeks.  Here is a comparison from today vs. July 25th.

compariason It has only been about 2 weeks, but if these changes continue, I think this way of eating suits me.  Not just the outside changes I’m noticing, but how my body has been, or rather has not been, reacting to food.

On a side note, I think I also see a little more glow to my skin.  Maybe it’s lighting, I’m not sure, but I do know my make up today and that day were very similar.  I was running late this morning so I didn’t have time for the whole deal.

The other change I am noticing is cooking.  I don’t mind it.  WHAT?!  I know, I’ll say it again- I actually don’t mind it.  And as I mentioned yesterday it’s not about prepping actual “meals” but 1) not allowing myself to get hangry, and 2) having foods around I love, well and are compliant. 🙂

So short post today-but here’s me being silly to amuse you.


See you tomorrow!

Gymgirl.org 🙂

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