Whole30, Days 12-14. Dare Me Chocolate, Dare Me.

I’m feeling pretty resilient.  I went out with my Chinese food loving friend on Saturday, and we ended up at a friends party.  Of course, every food I love was there: chocolate covered caramels, pita bread and hummus, red wine…U.G.H.  But I held steady and had some water.

Ahh, the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds

At this point when I think about eating something non-compliant, I think “what’s the point”.  Sure it may taste good in the moment, but then I just start thinking about all the good I will be undoing, which = not worth it.

How do you really live a life like this?  I mean right now I have the will power to get me to 30 days because 1) I made a promise to myself and 2) because I have to report to all of you.  But what about on day 31?  I don’t want to go crazy on day 31.  sugar

I guess I feel like all the comfort foods are like a drug addiction, and I get that sugar can be, but what about cheese?  And rice?  And Bread? And all the unhealthy stuff I was eating before?

Will it taste as good as it did on October 11th before I began this journey?  Will I immediately fall off the Whole Food wagon?  I don’t want to pretend I’m “cured”.

The weekend before I began this process me and my friend had a “eat it now before you can’t weekend”.  I’m talking pizza, popcorn dipped in cheese sauce (IKR?!), chocolate, beer, more chocolate, Smoothie King, fast food…you name it, we ate it!


Honestly, by the time the weekend was over I felt so gross I could not wait for Monday to get here!  When I think back on all those empty calories none of them gave me that warm and fuzzy foodgasm I wanted them to.

And now, boom, I will already be at the halfway point tomorrow.  Perhaps in another week I will not be so afraid of Day 31 and beyond.  Maybe I will feel like I have even better control over my thoughts about food.

Uh, wait, let me say that again.  I WILL BE ON THE BACK SIDE OF THESE 30 DAYS TOMORROW!!!  Wow this really has been going by fast.  When I think back to day 3 and I was basically in a walking coma, I was just hoping to get to day 7.

What has saved me is managing one meal at a time.  Yes, I’ve had to plan ahead to know I had compliant food on hand, but other than that I did not overwhelm myself (ok well after I figured out not to do that haha).

So what is stopping you from trying the Whole30?  Before you tell me you can’t, let me remind you there are a million resources available on Whole30, as well as Whole30 boards on Pinterest, etc.  The amount of FREE resources are endless!

And before you think you can not live without added sugar, cheese, beans, etc…I assure you can.  Even if only for 30 days.  Quit thinking about it and commit to it.  The only money you have to spend is on food, and well you have to eat anyway.

This really isn’t as hard as you think it is.  Of course, as with most things, it’s mind over matter.  You just have to decide who you want to be in control- you or your cravings?  

And let’s be honest, those cravings are lying to you.  They don’t satisfy anything; in fact they just make you want more because you never actually get that feeling you thought you would.  I remember I could just sit mindlessly at my desk at work and pound mini chocolate bars (you know the Nestle kind)…and I would look up and there would be a huge pile of wrappers on my desk.  And guess what?  I could keep eating them…there was no end.

Do yourself a favor- take a leap of faith and begin your Whole30 journey.  The only thing you have to lose is the bad stuff you don’t want to hold onto anyway.  And journal your progress.  It has helped me a ton to be accountable to someone besides just me.  Sure, maybe only one person in the whole world (yikes!) is reading this, but even if they aren’t, they could be and that keeps me motivated.

You’re the only one keeping you from what’s possible.  Get on it!

Gymgirl.org 🙂




  1. This might be my favorite post thus far. I love your honesty… and I love chocolate, too. So proud of you for dumping the chocolate monster!! You ARE inspiring people! Keep on, girlfriend. ❤


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