Whole30, Days 20-21. A New Sense of Self.

No I have not reached Tiger Blood status as a burst of energy, but what I do feel is more constant energy throughout the day.  My daughter and I were at the mall over the weekend and we stopped to look at some Alex and Ani jewelry and the salesperson was commenting on how tired she was…everyday around 2:30, she’s done for.

It was like in that moment I thought “huh, not me anymore”.  It is delightful!  I have never been much of a napper so when that sugar slump would hit me midday, my answer was always to grab a sugar laden coffee or some processed food.  Something to munch on to keep me awake- obviously I now know this was an ill fated tactic.

So now with only 10ish days to go (WHAAAA???!!) I am looking back over my entries and this is how I feel about Tiger Blood.  I can do this. I am steady.  This really wasn’t that bad.  I have learned how to cook new and interesting things.  I get excited to see my fridge stocked with fresh produce and fruit.  And OMG (gasp) I have been eating more meat…and liking it.  (<— personally shocked over this one)

I am finding that cooking doesn’t take nearly as long as I always thought it did.  Heck most of the time it is faster than getting a pizza delivered!  I am finding my favorites and throwing them into the rotation.  All in all, my hope is that I can maintain a paleo-ish lifestyle at day 31.

That being said, I do still have some concerns about falling off the whole food wagon (as I expressed here).  I need a game plan.  Thankfully #Whole30 offers a Step two: Reintroduction plan that should help me figure out what works for my body and what doesn’t.  I still need to educate myself on the process…which I plan to do in these LAST 9 DAYS!

So quick story.  I am at my son’s football game on Friday and friends and family around me are eating freshly fried potato chips, freshly fries sweet potato chips with brown sugar, funnel cake, popcorn, etc.  I gracefully retrieved my Cashew Cookie Larabar from my bag and am content.  UNTIL I fumble it and it lands on the bleachers.  My reaction? “Oh I’m still gonna eat that bitch!!!”.  haha, hey a little dirt never hurt anyone, right?

Then Saturday I go to the movies with my friend and bring along a Larabar and an RX Bar (for just in cases) and it turns out my friend is seriously like “this is not nearly as good as I wanted it to be”.  I wasn’t sad I missed out.  I honestly feel so much better digestively eating this way.

In fact, I went out with my daughter for lunch on Saturday, stayed on plan, and had freakn digestive issues?!  I guess maybe the preservatives on the food?  IDK, but my body did not like it.  Yet another reason to maintain a paleo, cook at home, lifestyle…at least a much as possible.  I just have to learn to value my health more than a few minutes of happy tastebuds. (but just to be clear, my tastebuds have been happy throughout 95% of this journey) capture

I’m hoping it won’t be that hard.  For instance, I know a Starbucks Frappuccino will only end in an explosive manner; so I never get one.  The juice isn’t worth the squeeze, if you will.

One more week to go.  Can’t wait to try some new stuff this week, like spaghetti squash.  Supposedly it’s better than Zoodles, which thank God, because those are a no for me.

I’m gonna Whole30 on…



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