Whole30, day 24. Wait, Wait…I’ve managed to go on living without bread?

I was in a meeting today working on finalizing some copy for an upcoming promotion and one of the bullet points was kind of long.  My co-worker reviewed it and said “it’s as long as a day without bread”.  Which got me to thinking- have I really gone 24 days without bread????

This is literally unheard of in my life.  Even when I was bodybuilding, my contest prep included one cheat meal a week and you can be damn sure it included bread, along with
pizza, and french fries!

Prior to launching myself into this program I was a self-proclaimed “carbivore”.  Looking back now and seeing how far I’ve come- it’s beyond amazing to me.  The idea of no cheese, no pasta, no bread, and no butter (for God’s sake) seemed like death!  But it isn’t.  In fact, dare I say, I don’t even really miss it.

Here is an example.  Tonight’s dinner was a Whole30 take on spaghetti.  I baked spaghetti squash, pan fried some beef burgers I picked up from Whole Foods, and added them together with a lovely (compliant) Arrabbiata sauce.  This was my first time cooking with spaghetti squash, so the texture was a little crunchier than I would have preferred, but after the first few bites it was really pretty good.

I felt that the spaghetti squash took on the flavor of the sauce, just like pasta, so the texture was the only difference.  And there was something satisfying about raking the fork back and forth along the squash to get the spaghetti-like strands.  The one step I did not do was add a 1/2 cup of water to the baking dish while it was cooking.  I will do that next time- maybe that will help with the tenderness.

The addition of the “ultimate” burgers from Whole Foods was a win because these suckers were packed with spices, and pan frying them in their own juices added a nice little crust to the outside.  When the burgers were done I just roughly cut them up into several pieces and added them to the dish like meatballs.  Wow, yummy!  I even had a dinner guest this evening and she agreed it was good.  Not sure who I am becoming, but I am praying it will last beyond day 31.

Warning- I’m going to gush here for a second: there is something to eating whole foods and enhancing them with spices vs. covering them up with gravy, and cheese, and the like.  You really get to taste all the food and it is amazing!  I have a whole new appreciation for fruit and meat (<– although begrudgingly).

I have had a lot of veggies as well, even introducing those I had not tried before like butternut and spaghetti squashes.  Other than that, peppers, onions, carrots…the main staples are included a lot.  The only area I seem to be limited is leafy greens.

So I guess I need to add more spinach to my dishes (it cooks down the best IMO), but I’m not the biggest fan; I always feel like I’m eating a tree.  But if I can manage without bread, pasta, and cheese…while adding in more meat…I am certain I can up my spinach intake.

I’m excited!  I’m learning about food and myself.  Even sitting here now (almost midnight) I still feel energized even though I’ve been up since 6 am.  At the same time, I will be able to sleep well tonight.  Weird, crazy stuff!

HOLD UP.  You know what?  THIS must be TIGER BLOOD!!!  YES- I feel it now.  I can do this.  I AM DOING THIS!

I was texting my Chinese food loving friend (I wonder if she knows I have bestowed that name to her?!  I guess if she doesn’t I’ll know she’s not reading. ;0)) earlier and she was at McDonalds to correct a monetary issue- anyway she sent me a picture of their counter because it cluttered with all kinds of crap.

Here’s the dang point to this story: two people were in the background at a table, eating their dinner.  My immediate thought was “gross, how can they eat that”.  I was shocked at myself!  Where the heck did that even come from.  It was only 24 days ago that the idea of McDonalds was more than appealing to me.  Odd, very odd.  It’s like my chemistry has changed.

Ok at this point I always like to put in a disclaimer because, well, I know me.  I have a plan, I have a commitment that you lovely friends are helping me keep, so I’m straight right now.  BUT I could just as easily turn on a dime and revert back to old ways tomorrow.  I know this, it’s happened many times before with other experiments, projects, whatever.

I guess honestly I just don’t want to come across as an asshole that thinks they are totally resilient to any type of failure; quite the opposite.  I know I’m fragile and that everyday is a chance to either stay on plan or give up and dive face first into a plate of cupcakes (this was a recent guilt-riddled dream of mine), not that there is anything wrong with that…after day 30!!

I don’t mind saying, I’m feeling a little accomplished today.  See you tomorrow!




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