Whole30, Days 25-28. It was a good run. The 10 lessons learned.

I’m not going to bore you with days 25-27.  They were compliant and boring.  Nothing really to report- I cooked, I did dishes, I made my weekly trip to #wholefoods.  Here is what I really want to tell you: the ice cream wasn’t worth it.

Knowing that my reintroduction was coming up this week, I purchased my reintro foods while grocery shopping yesterday.  I could say that was the biggest mistake, but I have had Zerba Cakes in my cabinet this entire 28+ days and have not caved…and those would normally make me cave.


I think it was really just a decision.  I wanted to eat the ice cream.  Seems ridiculous, I’m sure; only two days away from complete and I fall off the wagon.  Yet I’m actually not beating myself up about it.  I have learned some pretty cool things over these last several weeks and plan to take those learnings away with me.

I believe that was the point right?  To learn about your body and reset your tastebuds and craving centers (not the scientific name for it of course)?  So what would two more days have gotten me other than flattery because I finished the program?  I did this for me…not for compliments.download-1

My mom died at 45.  I’m 43…and I want to be here past 45.  She did not see me get married and has never met my kids.  I DO NOT want to miss those same milestones for my children.  In the spirit of balance, beating myself up over 2 missed days of a program I voluntarily put myself on to become healthier…does not seem healthy to me.

But, I will also say, two weeks would probably not have been enough for me to know what changed or what was changing.  I got to the point that I didn’t have to think about the Whole30 all the time- just meaning I knew what I could/should eat without all kinds of planning and fretting.  It became almost to 2nd nature.  Yes, of course, there were still good days and less than days, but I wasn’t struggling to understand the what and the why.

So here is what I learned:

  1. It is NOT that hard to just cook good food.  The time it takes to cook is no more than waiting for Domino’s to deliver a pizza or heating up a family size Stouffer’s Lasagna.  Yes you actually have to stand in the kitchen and cook it instead of lounge on the couch, but in the end it is so much more worth it.  Of course I would not have known that if I didn’t focus myself over these 28 days.
  2. I operate my best on about 5 hours of sleep.  Who knew?!  Seriously, I have more energy and feel more alert with 5 hours than 6.5 (which was my norm).
    • This could also be a mindset shift.  When I set my alarm in the past and it showed “5 hours to sleep” I would mentally freak out.  Now I know that is the perfect amount.  My head hits the pillow and I’m out in a matter of minutes.  You can ask my ex-husband, this was never a thing I could do!
  3. I do have new feelings towards food.  Last night, technically today really, when I decided to go ahead and have that ice cream it did not give me that foodgasm I hoped it would.  Like that uncontrollable, OMG this is SO amazing feeling.  It was just ok- honestly I determined it was not worth the calories to me at that point.  I had a couple bites and put it away.
    • And let me tell you I was not standing at the freezer hunched over the pint- I was sitting on the couch with a blanket and all…settled in…ready to eat it all.  But ehh.
    • When I dig deep into why the ice cream occured, I would have to say, I was bored and just felt generally dissatisfied.  I spent way more time in front of the TV this weekend than I normally do.  Ever since I have gotten rid of cable I don’t feel controlled by a show schedule so I watch it much less, but I gave into it this weekend.
  4. I may in fact be Lactose Intolerant-ish.  I gave this an “ish” because I’m not totally convinced yet.  I had a little corner of my son’s pizza at lunch and a few minutes after could feel some Sheldon style digestive distress.
    • Since I had ice cream after midnight and a small corner of pizza at lunch, I’m going to make today dairy re-entry and have some yogurt later.  Hoping that will help me figure it out.  I also feel bloated, whereas I have not been bloating at all before any diary was included.
    • I also just remembered that when I went to bed last night my heart was racing- which I did not like.  I remember that being a feeling I would have after eating sugar.
  5. I like the way I feel when I eat whole foods.  I feel light, I feel satisfied, I feel like food is about nourishing me vs. serving my cravings.  That doesn’t mean I am not enjoying it when I’m eating, I just don’t feel controlled by it.
  6. Spices are so important.  Before this journey, my go to for adding flavor was cheese and butter.  The very first time I had cheese since September 12th was today at lunch and I am sure it was less than 0.25 oz.  Again, no foodgasm.
  7. Sustained energy.  No more 2:30 food slump!  Today is an exception as I am sure the pizza sauce had sugar in it (see 4.2 above).
  8. Realizing I already had a reason to say “no thank you”.  One of the great things about Whole30 is that you have a built in excuse to say “no” to non-compliant foods and no one grills you incessantly about why you don’t want to eat something.
    • But guess what?!  I actually already posses that power to say no and can actually just say it’s because I don’t prefer to eat it.  I am not a fan of Keylime pie, so when it is offered I say no and no one cares.  Why should this be any different?
    • The other key to life after Whole30 is to choose not to walk around talking about “oh I’m paleo now, blah, blah, blah”.  No one needs to know that.  Just like with the pie, if something is served you don’t want, don’t eat it.  Making proclamations will only put you in a corner.  I know there will be times I choose to eat a baked good, or have a beer, or nachos, or whatever…and thattumblr_mcx5h7co0i1rnvwt1 makes life awesome and more importantly balanced!
  9. You can catch yourself on the slippery slope!  Just because you had a couple solid days, or whatever, of eating poorly, you don’t have to just throw your hands up in despair.
    • Regroup and get back at it!  Yes, I can be that easy.
  10. Plan realistically.  Oh how I love creating a plan!  I just don’t love the implementation phase of the plan.  These last 28 days have taught me to take the time to figure out what I want, and then plan to be flexible with myself.
    • When I began this journey for balance I decided to take a broad approach.  I knew the basic outline of the plan (to give me guidance) but I purposefully was not too prescriptive, as that has halted me in the past.

The lack of food fantasy from the small bit of ice cream and pizza was actually a relief.  If you recall, I was very worried about falling away completely on day 31 and leaning into a totally processed, heavily chemical, sugar-laden hell.  However, I feel the Whole30 program has taught me the skills to succeed.

And with that being said, here is my step 2 reintroduction plan:

  • Today: dairy re-intro
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Whole30
    • Side note, I plan to weigh Wednesday since this really was 30 days
  • Thursday: non-gluten grain re-intro
  • Friday and Saturday: Whole30
  • Sunday: gluten grain re-intro
  • Monday and Tuesday: Whole30
  • Wednesday: legume re-intro
  • Thursday: paleo-on!

The last and final piece of the puzzle, is all of you, dear friends.  Thank you for coming on this portion of my balance journey with me.  I’m far from the middle, but feel like I’m on the pathway.

Looking forward to sharing more good stuff with you.  And if you are on the Whole30 currently, stick with it.  It is worth it!




  1. Who cares about the ice cream??? I’m proud of you for not giving in to eating the whole pint…like I would have done! You’re doing a great job and I loved reading about what you have gotten out of the whole30.


  2. Ice cream is my siren nemesis… I love it and hate that I love it. I can’t even imagine breaking that. It’s all about changing our mind, and you have been a great example of controlling our mind, instead of letting food control us. Super proud of you, Friend!! ❤


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