Post Whole30.  Calorie Counting Be Gone!

Reminding myself this journey was not about weight loss is a struggle.  I finally stepped on the scale this morning and the official change is -5 lbs.  So yeah, a 5lb-of-fat-and-5lb-of-muscleloss!  Other successes were inches lost in my waist and chest.

But it still felt insignificant.  This is kind of a gross picture, but it is a good reminder that 5 lb is actually a big deal.  Interesting to note though, this 5 pound loss came with

  • no calories counted
  • ghee and healthy oils used constantly in cooking
  • almond butter on the regular
  • other tree nuts for snacking
  • potatoes and bacon!!!!  YESSSSS
  • …and I was only in the gym about 50% of those 30 days.

There. Now 5 lbs feels like a triumph!

But you know what else does?  My attitude towards food.  Since I figured out that dairy may be a complication for me, the idea of even eating it is not fun because I remember the bloating from Monday that I had not had in the last month.  I see why there is the need f0r 2 compliant W30 days after a reintro- your body needs that time to regroup.  Apparently mine needs a little more time as I am still not fully back on track digestively.

Today is the reintro of non-gluten grains.  I really feel like I have missed rice so I am excited to try it out!  Of course I felt like I missed ice cream and cheese too, but not really when I felt how they affect me.  Non-gluten grains also means corn, corn tortilla chips, quinoa, etc.  I know what I’m having for lunch, mexican, but hold the cheese please!

So, the journey towards balance continues.  I have been meditating consistently, practiced Yoga Monday and today (such a challenge!), and am getting my fanny back in the gym tonight.

Wishing you a crisp fall day!



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