Unconscious Strategic Sabotage

I am convinced I would make a good physiological study candidate; well I would at least like to be considered. You see, when I voluntarily put myself on the Whole30 that somehow flipped a switch and all of a sudden I was programmed to comply with the program. Now that it’s over…I can’t seem to go more than two days eating the way I’ve learned works best for me.

I have been successful at staying away from dairy as I know how it plays out intestinally.  That is motivation enough!  And for the most part grains and legumes have been limited too. You know what is tripping me up!? Junk food!!  And it’s not even that damn good.

I’m out of the habit of cooking even though I have all that right stuff here. I just feel lazy and bored.

So this makes no sense to me. An arbitrary date somehow made me comply (well that and reporting to you guys). I’d say then I just need to set out another random date to shoot for, but without a solid program, reason, process, whatever, I have not been successful. 

It boils down to mind over matter, but appearntly that is elusive at the moment.  I really shouldn’t be surprised- my style is either eyebrows on fire or dead on the couch. Makes this whole balance pursuit kinda comical, eh!?

So I figured I’d come clean to y’all. The Whole30 was great, and I highly recommend it- but it’s going to take several “retakes” for this to stick for me I’m afraid.  But perfect is boring right?

And what would you have to read if I suddenly found balance?  Ah, I’m such a giver.

Or maybe this is unconscious strategic sabbatoge.  Brain study anyone?


Would love to hear your thoughts

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